Police Civilian Oversight Authority

Police Civilian Oversight Authority

Overview of the PCOA 

The Police Civilian Oversight Authority (PCOA) was established by Parliament in 2005 under the PCOA Act. It is an agency of the Ministry of National Security, mandated to provide monitoring, inspecting and auditing of the implementation of policies, standards and procedures of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

The Authority is currently constituted of six members who are appointed by the Governor General, after consultation with the Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition.  The following are the current members of the PCOA who will serve until August 22, 2026: 


  • Mrs. Jacqueline Hinkson, JP- Chairman 

  • Mr. Gladstone Lewars, CD 

  • Pastor Glen Samuels 

  • Mr. Norman Heywood 

  • Ms. Vivette Miller 

  • Mr. Peter Brady, CD, CVO 


The PCOA is charged with exercising civilian oversight of the JCF as a means of external scrutiny and accountability.  The PCOA is dedicated to designing programmes that will contribute to raising the bar of accountability of the JCF and to raise the standard of compliance for JCF policies and procedures. 




Vision Statement: To provide efficient inspecting and monitoring of the JCF with a view to improving policing processes and building public trust and confidence in their service. 


Mission Statement: To provide oversight of the JCF through timely, transparent and effective monitoring processes, driving accountability and culture change. 




The PCOA Act, 2005 mandates the PCOA to: 

  • Monitor the implementation of policy relating to the Force and its Auxiliary 

  • Monitor the standard of performance of the Force and its Auxiliary so as to ensure that internationally accepted standards of policing are maintained, and to report thereon 

  • Conduct inspections of the Force and its Auxiliary 

  • Monitor the management and use of financial and other resources of the Force and its Auxiliary 

  • Perform such other functions as may be necessary for promoting the efficiency of the Force and its Auxiliary 


Core Values 


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The PCOA values its high level of expertise in the oversight of the police. It ensures its knowledge base is current and relevant in providing the best quality service to its stakeholders.  


The PCOA aims to provide the best services possible and to take responsibility for its actions. We seek to nurture the trust and confidence of all stakeholders, as well as to foster positive relationships between the public and the police.  


The PCOA is honest, reliable and open with all stakeholders. We will ensure that consideration is given to the interest of all our stakeholders. 

Results Oriented 

The PCOA is focused on efficiently and effectively undertaking all obligations. We exercise sound decision-making in carrying out all processes geared towards achieving organizational goals and objectives.  


As a civilian oversight authority we are dedicated to serving the needs of all our stakeholders. Customer satisfaction is a high priority for us and is an important part of all internal and external processes. 


The PCOA team is supportive of all its members and staff. We are focused on providing efficient service and promoting shared goals, cooperation and participation.  


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