The Jamaica Combined Cadet Force

The Jamaica Combined Cadet Force

The Jamaica Combined Cadet Force (JCCF) is a youth organization which falls under the direct responsibility of the Ministry of National Security, Law Enforcement, Forensics, and Protective Security Division. The Force was established in 1943 by an act of Parliament. The JCCF provides training to the Nation’s Youth giving them a feeling of stability and purpose. The training is based upon military skills but the aim is not to produce a highly trained soldier.  The aim is to appeal to the imagination of these youngsters, challenge them and channel their energies into developing a well-rounded world class citizen equipped with leadership and life skills all valuable to civilian and soldier alike.

The JCCF mirrors the JDF and is a sustainable recruitment pool for the Jamaica Defence Force, Jamaica Constabulary Force, Department of Correctional Services and the Jamaica Fire Brigade. 

The JCCF focuses on youth engagement and risk reduction which is one of the Ministry’s social intervention strategy to combat antisocial and deviant behaviour in youths. The JCCF operates primarily in High Schools and targets children of high school age. For those children who are not in a high school or do not have a Unit within their school, the JCCF has an Independent Unit and a Band and Drums Unit in Up Park Camp.

Training in the JCCF involves:

Aeronautics  - A useful pre-requisite for training as an Aircraft Pilot, as Aircraft Crew and Aircraft maintenance.

Marine Training - A useful pre-requisite for those who would wish to make navigation a career.  The ability to swim and life guard training could be useful to anyone in civilian life.


Skills Training - To provide the youngster with marketable skills as well as pursuing skill training for their personal development. These skills include but are not limited to electrical, welding and plumbing.


Drill - Facilitates the development of sharp and meaningful responses to   orders and underscores respect for authority, co-operation, unity of purpose and co-ordination of effort.


Section Leading - To enhance leadership capabilities eg. Reconnaissance Patrols which can be very useful in Neighbourhood watch activities - Strategies in providing leadership for a group of workers on a project etc.


Weapon Training - To develop an appreciation of the potential of light weapons such as rifles and shot guns etc., to emphasize the laws governing their use and the safety precautions to be taken in their use.


Map Reading -  Knowing and being able to identify terrains and physical features of the environment with the use of Map and Compass.


Music -  Learning to play musical instrument and being able to offer service through musical rendition at civic and private functions. Cadets are accredited by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.


Administration -   Equip the Cadets with the basics of administration and accountability for government property.


First Aid - To equip the Cadets with the basic knowledge and skills in First Aid and Health Education. To equip Cadets with the necessary skills required to be the first responders in sustaining life after serious injuries.


The JCCF is a disciplined organization with a rank structure charged with molding our youth by building discipline, character and leadership and to instill in them the importance of patriotism and good citizenship.


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