No knee jerk reaction to crime says Security Minister

National Security Minister, Hon. Robert Montague says the Government’s response to crime will be based on facts and firm intelligence.

“It will not be a knee jerk response. It will be deliberate, studied and targeted. The illegal gun and gunmen are our targets.”

The Minister made the statement at the United District Constables Association (UDCA) 37th Anniversary Church Service, held at the Portmore New Testament Church of God yesterday (June 18).

Minister Montague was speaking against the back drop of the recent surge in incidents of crime and what he describes as the twin problem of a proliferation of guns and a lack of information from the citizenry.

The number one twin problem that drives crime is the illegal gun and lack of information,” he said.

Minister Montague implored the citizenry to remain confident in the five pillar crime reduction strategy. “This government will not be engaging in any knee-jerk reactions. We urge all Jamaica to remain calm and understand that the government has laid a firm foundation with the five-pillar crime reduction strategy.”

The five pillars he spoke of are Effective Policing, Swift and Sure Justice Processes, Situational Prevention, Crime Prevention through Social Development and Rehabilitation and Redemption.

The Minister further urged members of the public to say what they know to help reduce crime. “I appeal to my bredren and sistren, give up the information. Some people say they don't trust the police. If you have a choice to trust someone; the gunman or the police, who will you trust?”

During the service Minister Montague also commended the service of the police and underscored the need for each Jamaican to find a police officer they can trust.  “You can talk to a police officer you know. You have the Stay Alert App. You have Crime Stop, You have 119, you can write what you know, place it an envelope with an X written on it and drop it at the post office. There is no reason why you should not give information,” the Minister reiterated.