Minister Launch New JCF Branch to Enhance Public Order and Safety

The Minister of National Security, the Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, officially launched a new branch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), called the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB) today (August 29) at the Harman Barracks.

The Minister announced that the headquarters for PSTEB; which is a merger of the JCF Public Safety Unit, Motorized Patrol Division (MPD) and the Traffic Division, will be based at the Elletson Road Police Complex. He explained that the application of intelligence-led operational strategies such as those resulting in the formation of PSTEB, will be the hallmark of policing in Jamaica.

“The task of restoring public order and safety is a priority of the government and as Minister of National Security, the PSTEB is a reflection of my mandate which forms part of the overall transformation of the JCF,” Minister Chang shared. He said the initial rollout of the new branch will have an island-wide impact with major attention given to the corporate areas, St. Catherine, St James and major resort towns.

Minister Chang also reassured the public of improved traffic flow when PSTEB officers are deployed in the areas where major roadworks are being done, as well as in anticipation of the reopening of the new school term. He explained that the PSTEB officers will wear bright neon yellow uniforms and similar color vehicles for high visibility to discourage lawbreakers from committing offenses.

“This is to ultimately encourage and result in behavior change including how the public react to security personnel as well as law and order.”

“We also anticipate more timely and professional responses from the new PSTEB, which will improve the publics’ trust and confidence in the JCF. The overall improvement of public safety through the strategic deployment of assets will yield a reduction in crime and disorder PAGE 2 through high visibility and will see faster response time to the public’s demands for police services,” Minister Chang noted. He further added that the, “build out of JamaicaEye CCTV system across our road networks and communities will supplement the efficiency of the new PSTEB initiative to strengthen stakeholder partnerships and enhance investors' confidence.”

Minister Chang indicated that the JCF PSTEB initiative, primarily the high visibility color component is one way the Ministry will influence lawful behavior among Jamaicans. He explained that the uniform color has a subconscious psychological influence on people which encourages them to conform to being more cooperative and disciplined citizens. The Minister said with the presence of the PSTEB officers should deter people from committing an offence and help the JCF curb the illegal or deviant behaviors of offenders.

“When our environments are safe, we are more productive. Safety and the preservation of lives, is critical to our nation’s sustainable development, let us use this day to redouble our efforts to create a Jamaica that will last for generations to come,” Minister Chang shared.