Message from Hon. Robert Montague on International Women's Day 2017

March 8 2018

National Security Minister, Hon. Robert Montague is today acknowledging the significant role of women on today, International Women’s Day.

Minister Montague said although today is celebrated as International Women’s Day, in reality we do so every day.

The National Security Minister has extended heartfelt thanks to all women for their time, effort, kindness but most of all for their love - love of country, job and the less fortunate.

“This administration and this Minister, thanks you for your tireless efforts, for the good times and bad. All our men appreciate you, even when they do not show it. For the many times you do a double shift, work without the tools you need, in conditions that are not the best but yet you excel. We respect you. The many times you have to leave home, leaving family, spouse and children in the service of this nation. We love you”, said Minister Montague.

He noted that with all the shortcomings, challenges and difficulties, of the job, women still shine, and expressed the wish that they will continue to be the difference.

Describing women as God’s greatest creation, Minister Montague said women are respected, appreciated and loved, and will always rise, produce nurture and will continue to perform.

 The National Security Minister asked for God to continue shower women with His enduring grace, peace and love.